Rachael Fights Back

After 2.5 hours of procrastination, I finally went out and rocked 4.5 miles (11:39 pace)! I got slightly chilly and swallowed a bug, but it was a beautiful evening here in Denver. I somehow hurt part of my foot though on the last 30 seconds. Seriously? I don’t know what I did. I didn’t trip or hit anything funny; it just started to hurt. Hopefully whatever it is is minor and goes away by Saturday. I have my 25k trail race! 

Oh, and here’s a selfie. 

Don’t let the excited face fool you. Sometimes I really dread running and literally count my steps to keep me going. Fun fact: I’ve lost 95 pounds, so I play a little game where I count 95 steps before I allow myself to slow down or walk for a few seconds. 

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  1. winninginlosing said: You are so inspiring, I can’t even believe you have lost so much
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