Rachael Fights Back

30 seconds of what I call super fast running and then 3-5 minutes of walking counts as speed work, right? Because that’s what happened for 2 miles. The fact that I actually got up from my nap was impressive though. I’m exhausted.

Also, I don’t even lift that heavy, but yet I’m getting slightly jacked. Part of me wants to start lifting more so I can be fine eating what I already do. We’ll see.

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  2. iamemmao said: Muscles!!! You look beautifuls!
  3. lojogetsfaster said: I like that hoodie. Also the guns.
  4. dancingmoose said: You look amazing!!
  5. liveasbravemen said: look at those biceps!
  6. flaquitalaurita said: THOSE ARMS.
  7. eclipsenikkie said: Holy bicep batman ! Good work lady.
  8. runningfortheriesling said: Dang girl! Impressive!
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