Rachael Fights Back

To my roommate: Thank you for letting me steal your clothes even when you don’t know I do. Also, thank you for being the best friend there is since the 4th grade and always picking me up when I’m down. I love you. 

Decent day. Beautiful weather. 25 minute walk during lunch. 90 minutes of procrastination and then a 4 mile run (11:39 pace and negative splits). I only almost ate 1 bug. Now to get cute again and go hang out with the boy. A day in the life. 

63 notes
  1. runeatlovesleepmn said: you always look so great! cute outfit!
  2. runningfortheriesling said: You look so fab Rachel. Besides looking damn skinny, you look real damn happy!
  3. steider14 said: I was looking for that shirt this morning!! Biotch. But I love you anyways.
  4. danimoveson said: Sweet girl.
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