Rachael Fights Back

Yup, that’s snow. Colorado basically had a mini snow storm today. It’s cold and icy and frozen out there. Oh, what I would give for a snow day tomorrow! Then I could cuddle with these dudes all day.

Given the conditions, I opted to skip my 6 mile run… I’m just not feeling back to normal yet, and running or driving to the gym in this was too much to ask. Plus my gym is 15+ minutes from the boy’s house. Not excuses though!

I still did the 30 Day Shred and stretched! Then I ate a piece of toast and grapes for my nighttime snack versus a flatbread pizza that I super duper wanted all day long. Proud moment.

Anyway, I hope y’all had a lovely day! I just took the greatest shower here and might even get to bed before 11pm. Night!

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  1. dibujosalreves said: The hell…snow in April. We haven’t even gotten that!
  2. lionxeyes said: What part of Colorado are you in? I didn’t realize you were in our beautiful state!
  3. kristindoeshealthy said: It’s literally 100 degrees here. 😡
  4. lizlivinglife said: This snow is wack!
  5. rachaelfightsback posted this
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