Rachael Fights Back

This boredom is fierce. I want to be productive, but I want to be lazy, too. It’s a bitter cycle. I did go on a teeny walk so I could mail some cards, but then I stubbed my toe on the curb and it hurt really bad so I came home. 15 minutes though and I heard a really creepy ice cream truck. I wish I could have ran. This weather is gorgeous (mid-60’s).

The craving for pizza is majorly still there, y’all. So far I have resisted, but mac n cheese happened because I don’t have many options and it was cheaper. 

I don’t know what to do now. I’m really exciting. Oh! But on an actually exciting note, the top I’m wearing used to belong to my significantly smaller college roommate. It didn’t fit me at all when she gave it to me, but now it’s loose and I feel so teeny in it! 

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  1. kristindoeshealthy said: You look so tiny! Beautiful lady, always!
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