Rachael Fights Back

DO YOU SEE THAT? IT’S NOVEMBER 13TH. I LIVE IN DENVER. AND IT’S SEVENTY DEGREE OUT. You bet your bottom that I wore a tank top to go run a few miles!!!! 

2.71 miles / 30 minutes / 11:03 pace

YEAH, BUDDY! I felt so great! I mean, I was huffing and puffing, but I felt great overall. I was toasty even in that outfit and am baffled by this weather. I wasn’t very productive today, but I’m in a pretty fantastic mood! More on that later ;) Right now, I have to hurry and head up to Boulder to nanny! $$$

50 notes
  1. honestlyamy said: OMG it was like minus 43 in MA today!
  2. chubzordestroys said: Shouldn’t it be snowy there?? Lol I live I’m baltimore and it was frigid here today.
  3. malloryrunsthis said: Hold up, it’s colder HERE than in Denver right now? There is something wrong with this.
  4. almondsofjoy said: Shit. I should move to Colorado.
  5. nicolenevermore said: I’ll trade you weather! I’m pretty sure a penguin just walked down the road.
  6. kat-rd2be said: I have that same tank top! I love it but mine is too small. I bought a medium but fits so tiny!
  7. rachaelfightsback posted this
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