Rachael Fights Back

Today I was supposed to run 19 miles. I literally kept running into flooded trails and mentally couldn’t break through the stupid wall. I woke up super sore and barely made it 6 slow miles before I stopped. 

I feel like I gave up, but I know that I need to listen to my body. This week has kicked my ass and I need a break. To be perfectly honest, running hasn’t been fun since I moved to Colorado and has felt more like a chore. I know it’s because I’m stressed and it’s a big change, but it still stinks. I think it’s time to rest my body and have a few dates with my foam roller… And to think I ate all of those carbs to “run” 6 miles. Blah. 

Congrats to all my peeps running races today!!!! 

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  1. aliciabobeesha33 said: You’ll get through, take a break rest mentally and physically, watch spirit of the marathon 80 times and you’ll be golden :)
  2. bensjourneyforlife said: Do you think the change in elevation has something to do with it too? One or two miles might not be too bad but the longer you go with the thinner atmosphere it may be a little harder on your body until you get used to it.
  3. racingtheghosts said: Hang in there…how were you to guess your run required a canoe.
  4. largeglassofred said: Sounds pretty hardcore. Give yourself a rest and start afresh. Stay out the floods!
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