Rachael Fights Back

Considering it’s been 90+ degrees outside since I woke up, I decided to take my run inside and I gave into Orange Is the New Black (UH OH). 

5.02 treadmill miles / 55:00 / 10:57 avg pace

This run was almost perfect, and I ran the entire thing. I’m really trying to work on slowing my pace down and building up my endurance. Now I’m blogging and eating my semi frozen green protein smoothie that’s the size of my face. I gotta hurry and shower, dentist, coffee date with my best friend, and then work.

Training is up again and my short runs aren’t really “short” anymore. This week calls for 5/8/5/17 (since I ran 18 last week). Oofta.  

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  1. fasterphil said: I must be odd, but sweaty tumblr pics are the best!! I keep seeing Orange is the New black on Netflix and wondering…
  2. iammorethanarunner said: Welcome to the orange/black dark side
  3. rachaelfightsback posted this
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