Rachael Fights Back

EIGHTEEN miles. What. The. Heck. 

The plan called for 17, and for the first time, I was actually quite nervous. Could I do it? Was I mentally and physically strong enough? The first 6 were super even (12:13-12:16), but then I slowed it down so I didn’t get too tired/sore/exhausted. My goal was an average of a 12:30 pace and I rocked it! By the last few miles, I started to ask myself if I wanted to go even more. The weather was a little toasty, but ultimately perfect and low humidity. So yeah, I decided to switch this week’s 17 with next week’s 18! 

Honestly though, I got emotional at mile 15 realizing I was literally on the longest run of my life and how far I have come over the past 5 years. I get bored driving this far, and even though I was sore, tired, and hungry, I just kept putting one foot in front of the other until I reached and surpassed my goal.

I’m pretty sure my watch HR and calories burned is incorrect. At one point, I calculated a HR of roughly 160 and my watch said 144… hmm… the distance and time seems correct though! That’s all that really matters. Once I was done, I basically became one with the ground for 20 minutes. I stretched, and just relaxed. 

Oh, and I wasn’t kidding about that Starbucks. I got a light caramel frappucino, but splurged on the whip and caramel crunch topping (and espresso)! MMM, and then all the food for lunch. Yeah. (2 Morning Star Mediterranean Chickpea patties, onions, carrots, feta, and all the condiments). 

Now that I’m not salty anymore, I’m going to go meet my family at the water park and relax! Good day, y’all. Very good day. And thank you all for the awesome comments!!! LOVE YOU!

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  1. iammorethanarunner said: 1. I hate Tumblr for making me miss awesome posts like this!!! 2. 18 miles!!!! At a super awesome pace!!! 3. What are those Jelly Belly things? 4. You are the best.
  2. friedtofit said: Wow that is seriously impressive!! Congrats!!! You are awesome!!
  3. stephsaysgo said: You are incredible!! Good job girl!
  4. kristina-runs said: Great job!!!
  5. weightandwit said: Every day, you seriously astonish me!
  6. bestbrit said: Congrats!
  7. rachaelfightsback posted this
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