Rachael Fights Back

So last night, I was wide awake again until nearly 2am (even after only 5 hours of sleep). WHAT is wrong with me?! 

I tried to post this before I went to bed, but Tumblr was being rude and refused to work. Anyway, I got myself cute and sort of had a “date.” He’s a friend that I see maybe once every 6 weeks. Don’t worry fellas, it isn’t serious ;) If anything, it was just kind of weird because I haven’t seen him in over 2 months. But he did cook me homemade deliciousness and it was nice to just hang out. 

After that, I stopped at Target to pick up 2 things 2 bags of stuff. I got suckered into the Ibotta app, but it’s actually pretty cool!

I spent $23.07 at Target and got $15.50 back from this app! Basically it has coupons and offers to redeem (to PayPal). I had Ibotta coupons for 5 of the items, and then I got reward bonuses for completing more than 1 offer. 

HERE is an invite. You get money and I get money, too. Win win. 

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  1. bensjourneyforlife said: You look great for your kinda date. Also, I signed up for the app.
  2. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: You’re pretty. Also, can you remind me to get this app when I’m back in the motherland? K thanks
  3. katebikerun said: Ooh! I’m gonna give it a try!
  4. sarahspeaksnow said: Hottie!!!
  5. rachaelfightsback posted this
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