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Team Challenge update! 

On Saturday, I had my first official TC group training session of 3 miles. I got to finally meet a lot of my teammates/mentors/coaches, and got updated on everything. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am extremely excited to be helping such an awesome cause and meeting new people! 

I spent fourhours yesterday (Monday) putting together just 20 letters to send out to friends and family. I kept getting lost, but I got them to the office and TC is paying for the postage!  

So today… August 13th, I begin a monthly proposition for you! On the 13th of every month until the Las Vegan Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon, I will be asking for donations of just $13.10 towards Crohn’s and Colitis. Get it? $13.10 on the 13th of the month with the goal to run 13.10 miles for an amazing cause! 

Want it even better? You guys can kick my ass by donating. Literally. For every dollar donated today, I will do 10 squats. So if you donate $13.10… I will do 131 squats! Or even if you just donate $1, or $5, I’ll still squat the appropriate amount! My booty already hurts just thinking about this. Also, there’s no limit. I’ll do them all. Promise. 

K, guys. Help an awesome cause!? And my butt. I’m driving across the U.S today so I can’t run. I’ll need these squats to at least work something!! 

HERE is the link. 

And HERE again. Because I lovers you all. 

P.S - Please message me if you donate just so I can easily keep track!

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