Rachael Fights Back

The 15 miles that almost kicked my ass! Did you read that? FIFTEEN MILES! That’s the only PR I made today (distance) and I’m honestly okay with it. Once I finally got my butt out the door at 8:15am, not 9:15am, I felt pretty good. The first 8 miles were decent, but then my feet just started to feel like bricks. I walked most of mile 4 and 8 to keep me feeling strong. By mile 12 though, I was out of juice and glycogen. 

I realized after my run that I suck at carb loading. I didn’t even hit 300g yesterday! Oops… that definitely explains part of why this got so hard. 

And let’s not even talk about my positive splits today. The miles are done, I feel decent, and I’m happy! I didn’t really have any knee issues, but I did get a surge of pain on the left side of my left food around mile 13 (then it subsided a minute or two later). I also had a gross side stitch after refueling at mile 8. 

I stayed pretty close to home, so it got a little lot boring, but I’ll explore other areas to run soon enough. 

Now, there’s a tortilla pizza with my name on it. Oh, and here’s one of my roommates adorable cats! 

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  1. manyminniemiles said: Do you fuel during your runs? I start at mile 6 or I am D.E.A.D.
  2. shortmom said: way to go!!!
  3. jackielearnstorun said: You go, girl! Amazing work!
  4. bestbrit said: Great job bb girl!
  5. rachaelfightsback posted this
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