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I skipped it. I made it to the end of week 7 of marathon training before finally deciding to skip my first run of 4 miles. My knee feels much better today, but I still experienced some annoying twinges in the same spot from yesterday, as well as sore ankles. 

I don’t think I know how to take a full rest day though. While at work, I was able to take my client on a 25 minute walk. Then when everything was done, I had just enough time for the following: 

Full body stretching.

4 minute tabata sit-ups (83).
4 minute tabata planks. 

30 seconds of leg kicks. 
30 seconds of fast and low side steps. 
30 seconds of knee raises. 

40 squats.
30 second plank. 
5 push-ups. 

And then some yoga! King pigeon pose is going to take a very, very long time to master, but I am pretty happy with my plow. At Heat Yoga, they told us to relax our knees on our forehead if we can. I find that position extremely comfortable as weird as that sounds.

(I’m still uneasy about skipping that run)…

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  1. sarahspeaksnow said: YOU ARE CRAZY. You still get smacks!!! ;)
  2. kat-rd2be said: I LOVE YOUR YOGA POSES!!! And rest days are ok from time to time, but wait, you didn’t rest!
  3. fromlazytolively said: oh i just love youuuu
  4. rachaelfightsback posted this
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