Rachael Fights Back

Because it’s officially gun show Thursday and DAMMMN! 

11:15pm spontaneous baby gym session. 

Stretched and foam rolled. 

4 minute tabata squats. 
4 minute tabata planks. 

Tricep pull down 25lbs 10x2
Bicep curls 15lbs 12x2
Assisted pull up 66% body weight 10x1
Bench dips 10x2

Not much, but it’s something! Also, I really freaking hate when people leave benches in the squat rack.  

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  1. arghweights said: God damn!! Mmmm! ;P
  2. bethgetsbetter said: Look at them guns! You look amazing.
  3. kickinupthepace said: Nice guns ma’am
  4. sarahspeaksnow said: What I wouldn’t give to have your energy girl! ;)
  5. abbieandthings said: DAMN GIRL
  6. rachaelfightsback posted this
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