Rachael Fights Back

Why run your planned 12 miles when you feel good and can just run a half marathon instead? It was such a perfect day for a solo 13.1 miles! And I didn’t even have to do it at the crack of dawn!!

13.10 miles / 2:29:01 / 11:22 avg pace

There were no crowds and no medal, but I got the simple satisfaction in knowing I rocked two unofficial PR’s! I cut off a minute from my 10 mile, and 30 seconds from my half marathon.

The last few miles got a little toasty, and I had some minor chub rub, but once I got to the cabin, I took my valuables off and plopped right into the lake. It was glorious.

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  1. iamrunner said: Yeah !!
  2. kat-rd2be said: Love it!!!
  3. crazyhappyhealthy said: Just started following you and you are pretty inspiring! Way to go lady!
  4. shortmom said: Wooohooooooo!!!!!!! Way to go!
  5. lojogetsfaster said: #Beastmode indeed
  6. fromlazytolively said: I love this!!! So so awesome!! You’re just winning at life every dang day!!
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