Rachael Fights Back

To further prove my point that I am an insane person, I ran another 2 miles tonight at a local running store event. 

It was actually pretty cool. Only 4 of us ran, but there was a doctor there who checked our balance and posture. I found out that I naturally lean to the left and put about 6 pounds more pressure on my left leg (which makes sense because I occasionally get a sore ankle on that one). The green strings above are perfect alignment, and the red is where I’m at. 

Runners want this number to be 2% or less and mine is about 3.3% so not that bad. 

We started out walking, and then ran the entire thing (minus a few seconds at 2 stoplights). I’m pretty impressed with how great I felt! I even got to wear a pair of Nike shoes to try out and they were GREAT. $110 though… so… no. 



Conveniently… there was a Papa Murphy’s right next door and they had a $5 deal going on! Of course I had to buy one. And eat half of it.

Also, I’M BLIND OKAY! I have contacts, but I hate putting them in and can’t see very clearly with them. I don’t really notice my glasses when I run.

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  1. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: Hahaha I cannot for the life of me run in glasses!!
  2. kzoorebelrunner said: How do you know you are not the sane one for going the extra mile?
  3. liftheavybeawesome said: Mine would slip slide right off my face and be a foggy mess.
  4. danimal5867 said: I hope you got the free cap. I was going to do The Running Room 20 minute run but failed to get myself registered and then forgot about it.
  5. katebikerun said: Thats a neat machine!
  6. rachaelfightsback posted this
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