Rachael Fights Back

Let’s play a little game called, "How many colors can Rachael wear to the gym?" I looked all sorts of ridiculous, but a 3 mile run, arms, and core were completed! 


I also finally tried my first big girl protein from GNC (Gold Standard 100% Vanilla Whey). To be completely honest, I didn’t notice much of a flavor difference from my cheap Target brand protein. 

Digging for the scoop was fun.

29 notes
  1. kat-rd2be said: I wear all kinds of red oculus color combinations too!?
  2. lojogetsfaster said: Try Dymatize ISO-100 brand whey. It’s probably my favorite.
  3. girliusedtobe said: Just went for a run outside. YIKES it is hot out here in MN!!
  4. emzraid said: Is that protein powder? How do you use it? I am going to do more work outs and so i was thinking of taking some extra protein to help my muscle built :p
  5. rachaelfightsback posted this
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