Rachael Fights Back

I did it, you guys!!! Got up at 6am, saw that the weather was going to be PERF, and then put mah game face on. When I arrived at the race, I surprisingly wasn’t nervous like AT ALL. To be perfectly honest, I was more concerned about what to wear today and what food to eat. 

This run was good-bad-great-brutal-awesome. I experienced so many emotions during this run, and so much pain/soreness (but it was totally worth it!). Just a HALF of a mile in, a right side stitch started to form. It continued on and off for the entire run (fun).

I still felt pretty good the first 5 miles. Then I refueled with some Clif Shot Blok’s and a Jolly Rancher. At mile 8, I tried to shake my legs out a little as I ran. WOAH. Where did that pain come from?! My knees were already so sore and it took everything I had to not stop right there and walk. Also, why was my tummy so sore?! Jeez. I needed water, stat. My hands were super swollen. At this point, I refueled again with Pink Lemonade Stingers. I jogged up until mile 11 and then decided I finally needed to walk for a few moments during the water stop. I also needed to stretch my legs (so stiff!). For the last 2 miles, I did walk/run intervals, thus, walking a total of roughly 0.50 miles. 

Next thing I knew, people were cheering and the finish line was just around the corner. A girl I’d met at the start was right by me. We looked at one another, she said, "Ya ready?!" And we booked it through the finish line! It was overwhelming and so fantastic. 

The announcer said my name and hometown, and made a comment about the huge smiles we had on our faces! I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but man… I am SORE! My shins up to my thighs basically. My knees just didn’t expect all this. 

Apparently I don’t know how to walk though, and this happened. It doesn’t really hurt, but when I run, my left shoe sometimes hits my ankle. 

So happy though! 


Mile 1 - 11:52
Mile 2 - 11:22
Mile 3 - 11:48
Mile 4 - 12:09
Mile 5 - 12:39
Mile 6 - 12:19
Mile 7 - 12:15
Mile 8 - 12:40
Mile 9- 12:50
Mile 10 - 13:20
Mile 11 - 13:40
Mile 12 - 15:27 —> Where most of the walking happened.
Mile 13 - 13:48
Mile 0.14 - 8:08 —> SEE? Booked it.

After all was said and done, I made my way home, showered because I was NASTY, and have been a bum ever since. Bum clothes for the win! 

THEN. PANERA. I could eat this meal every dang day. Amy (my awesome friend from above who rocked her half of the relay today!) teases me because I get the same thing every time. Thai chopped chicken salad, cup of chicken and wild rice soup, and a whole wheat baguette. 630 calories of peer awesome. 

For dinner, my mom made this amazing crockpot chicken. I don’t even know what’s all in it, and it was the first time I’ve had white rice in ages, but holy joygasm in my mouth. I could have licked the plate clean… I might have

Once again, I have written too much, but I like to keep y’all informed! Thanks again to everyone who has commented and left me words of support and congratulations! You guys rock. 

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