Rachael Fights Back

8.1 miles for Boston. It is difficult to even express the feelings and overwhelming emotions I was going through during this run. As a runner, I cannot imagine what they are still going through. I am mad, I am sad, and I am upset. Whoever is responsible for this took something so special and turned it into horror.

Sure, this makes me a little frightened (which down right pisses me off that it does), but that does not mean I would ever stop running. It makes me want to register for more races and fight back. Today, I ran for them.

This was my longest run yet. It wasn’t easy at all, but I made it through and I’ve got the sore body to show for it. The first 4 miles weren’t bad, but when I turned around and the wind hit me, I struggled. The winds were 9-10mph and cold! But a nice day in MN nonetheless. Even through all of the wind, the hills, the side cramp, the painful muscles, and runny nose… I’d do it all over again.

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