Rachael Fights Back

Does the 35 minute walk I went on today count as a workout? Cough.

I went on an adventure to find a bus stop near my house that is part 1 of 2 for the airport. I’m heading to Minnesota on Thursday because I’m a bridesmaid in one of my best friends weddings! I just hope I make it there without any issues.

I’m at work right now. I’m planning to get up early and get my huge to-do list done! AH.

“Out of curiosity, what did you do with the prize $$$ you won recently? I feel like you still talk about debt/loans, but I remember you winning quite a bit of money not very long ago!”


As crazy as it sounds, I won $20k back in February for an essay I wrote on my weight-loss/journey. $6k of it is in savings for the taxes I’ll have to pay on it, but the rest went towards a teeny chuck of my student loans, credit cards, and bills/the up front cost of my tonsillectomy. It’s insane how fast the money went. I’m not even kidding when I say I spent less than $1k on fun stuff (some new work clothes and my trip to Vegas/CA/Grand Canyon). 

Today I splurged and tried a non-fat white chocolate coconut chiller from the coffee shop on campus. Super weird and not bad, but I’d probably never get it again. At least I’ll have a sugar high to get me through 4.5 hours of class. #coffee

Today I splurged and tried a non-fat white chocolate coconut chiller from the coffee shop on campus. Super weird and not bad, but I’d probably never get it again. At least I’ll have a sugar high to get me through 4.5 hours of class. #coffee

5 months later and my tonsillectomy is finally paid off!

Stupid throat cost me a fortune, but at least I’ll have a solid chunk of extra money each month now. Or ya know, at least less debt accumulating. 

Monday Weigh-In!

Last week’s weigh-in: 179.0 pounds. 
Today’s weigh-in: 179.8 pounds. 

+0.8 pounds and I’m okay with it. Yesterday was a horrible day and I just didn’t care at all by the time I got home from work. The boy and I ordered pizza and binge watched some shows. It was just what I needed. 

One week until I attempt a round of whole30. I need to earn a better relationship with food and I hope/think this will do the trick. I can’t promise that I’ll do everything 100% right, but I’ll do my best. (Meaning I can’t afford organic and hormone free everything). I’ve done a lot of research on it though and I feel I can at least follow the basic guidelines and still see results. 


"Runners notoriously suffer from bad cases of the trots, or at the very least, an upset stomach. Although I’ve heard many theories explaining this tendency, the most predominant one is that when we run, the blood goes to our muscles and neglects our digestive system. This shunting leads to cramps, turtling, and severe panic about crapping one’s pants."


I still don’t understand why I think it’s a good idea to get up at 3am and work a race. But yet, I did it again and I’m not dead. Yet. Worked a triathlon where you pick your race order from 4am-1:15pm, now I’m working 3-10:15pm at Sports Authority, and then I’ll be back 9am-5pm tomorrow. So yeah, who’s bringing me coffee in the morning?

The day started out chilly, but ended up being beautiful and now I have a sunburn. It just better go away by Saturday when I’m in my best friends wedding…

Want to know the best and hilarious part of my day? The boy occasionally picks up weekend shifts for his old catering job. It turned out he was catering today’s race and we didn’t know until I got there! Seeing him and having him bring me some seriously delicious BBQ food made my day.

Anyway, I really need to look into buying a bike. Soon enough.

“How do you deal with loose skin?”


I just do. I’m not trying to sound like I’m exaggerating, but the honest truth is that I have loose skin everywhere (stomach, arms, upper thighs, boobs). Many of you know that I had a tummy tuck consult a while back, but I’ve made the decision to wait until after babies IF at that point, I actually decide to go forward with it. 

Loose skin sucks. Majorly. I deal with it everyday. It makes clothes fit weird —> I could probably wear a size 8 jeans if it weren’t for all of the excess skin on my stomach. It limits your options with swimsuits or God forbid I wanted to wear a crop top. It can make you self-conscious during intimacy. It prevents you from reaching your goal weight when you’re super duper close. And sometimes it even gets irritated and hurts. But it’s just that. SKIN. 

It’s not fat. It used to be full of fat… like a balloon full of air. Now it’s a sad empty balloon. As much as I hate my loose skin, I would 100% rather have a saggy tummy, than to be obese and in danger of countless health problems. 

I am beautiful. I try to look at my skin as a sign of my strength. Every roll and stretch mark is a wound from the war that I once put myself through. It is a symbol of where I won’t go again.

“Hey girl! Do you have an activity tracker you use throughout the day? I can't decide between the jawbone and fitbit, thoughts or advice? Thanks :)”


I wear the fitbit flex (the wristband) and I absolutely love it! I hear decent things about the jawbone, but a ton of my friends have a fitbit and it’s nice to compete track their progress. Not to mention it’s a great motivational tool because I’ve totally walked in circles at night just so I can reach my step goal. 

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